ETA has collected on this page numerous resources for helping you learn about LMI, what data sources are available and how to use various types of intelligence and workforce information in service delivery as well as decision-making activities in workforce development.

This is your Gateway to LMI Training Resources!

Quick Lesson LMI Podcasts and Webinar Series on Using LMI

Quick Lesson Podcasts are short, concise trainings over specific LMI topics.  ETA developed these for those wishing to learn more about LMI in a self-paced environment.

The training webinar series on Using LMI in Service Delivery and workforce decision-making (with a National Farmworker Jobs Program example) is another training platform within the array of LMI training components developed by ETA and state LMI departments. 

Workforce professionals, workforce board planners, program staff, center contractors, and workforce board members will find these trainings useful for workforce activity planning and program design purposes. 

                      Teacher explaining LMI data on chart on wall

Basic 101 Resources

Please see Defining LMI Terms and Classification Systems to learn about the specific meaning attached to technical terms and the standard coding used for LMI data. 

Please refer to Guiding the Way with LMI and Business Intelligence for an overview of the ways in which LMI data can help you.

For information on sources of LMI data, please see our Guide to State and Local LMI Data.

The E-Learning Series on the Fundamentals of LMI

ETA asked three volunteer state LMI entities (Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio) to field test, refine, improve and replicate webinar-based LMI training products.  The result is a benchmarked version of the training, which states may customize for their own use, and which is provided here online for your easy access.

The E-Learning Series contains the following brief modules of 30-45 minutes each: Introduction to LMI, LMI for the Job Seeker, LMI for Assessing Skills, LMI for Re-Employment, and LMI for Business.

                All Aboard the Data Train (Performance Reporting recording)

These LMI e-learning training modules are offered to customers to:

  1. Use in the labor market context, incorporating the use of state information tools and LMI products
  2. Guide staff in selections of workforce activities and services, and decision-makers in policy-setting
  3. Help with strategic, operational and service delivery plans designed to achieve labor market outcomes for customers, and
  4. Assist in labor market analysis and methods.