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We want to help you find and analyze the data you need to make data-driven decisions that can optimize your return on your workforce investments.

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The Labor Market Information (LMI) Central community (or LMI Central, for short) is intended to be a leading source of information and collaboration on the wide array of resources and information products available to guide you in your data-driven decision-making.  The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) operates the site, but it includes data both from, and for, all of its workforce network partners.

The Regional Labor Market Context

All workforce activities and education programs operate within the context of a regional labor market.

Therefore, labor market information is critical in ensuring interventions are relevant to the labor market. 

With that in mind, we realize that LMI is important to all types of data users - workforce professionals, system innovators, workforce analysts, labor market specialists, workforce board planners, career counselors, training providers, outreach and recruitment specialists, business services representatives, case managers, program directors, one-stop career center staff, and consumers alike.

Resources to Maintain Labor Market Relevance

On this site, you can keep abreast of new products, new tools, analysis techniques and training events.  LMI Central also enables you to:

  • Access an array of resources
  • Find technical assistance and LMI training
  • Locate data producers and LMI-related organizations
  • Learn about datasets and electronic tools
  • Check out current market research and analysis
  • Learn about upcoming LMI events
  • Stay current on labor market indicators.

Get Help or Assistance.  If you have questions about how to use this site, visit our Help page for instructions.  If you need further assistance, please contact us at LMI.Central@dol.gov.

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